December 31, 2011

Book Challenge 2011 List

2011 Book Challenge List: Books Read That I Remembered to Type... Some will Be lost Until I Read Them Again...

99. Heaven is for Real (audio)98. Birdland - T. Mack (audio)97. Inkblot96. First Garden- R. Gourley95. Lives of the Presidents- K. Krull and K, Hewitt94. Africans Thought of It- B. Opini and R. Lee93. Billions of Yeasrs of Amazing Changes- L. Pringle92. In Search of Sasquatch- KM Halls91. Pie S. Weeks90. THe 4th Stall #2 - C. Rylander89. The Death Cure- J. Dashner88. Peter Nimble J. Auxier87. The Right and the Real- J. Anthony86. Torn- M.P. Haddix85. Unwind- N. Shusterman84. The Magician's Elephant- K. DiCamillo83. True- K. Hannigan82. NOAHZARC- D. Robert Pease81. Junonia- K. Henkes80. Sidekicks- D. Santat79. Ivy + Bean Big Idea- A. Borrows / S. Blackall78. The Latte Rebellion- S. J. Stevenso 77. Sprinkles and Secrets- L. Schroeder76. Breadcrumbs- A. Ursa75. Restoring Harmony- J. Anthony74. Bigger Than a Breadbox- L. Snyder73. Guys Read- J. Scieszka72. Ashes- I. Bick71. Ashfall- M. Mullin70. War Games- A and C Couloumbis69. The Familiars #2- A and A Jacobson68. The Underwear Dare- Nardini Sisters67. The Pony Whisperer: Secret Pony Society- J. Rising66. Horrible Henry Rocks- F. Simmon65. Elliot and the Pixie Plot- J. Nielsen64. Elliot and the Goblin War- J. Nielsen63. Vordak the Incomprehensible #2- Vordak62. The Ultimate Top Secret Guide- K. Nesbitt61. Who Was King Tut?- R. Edwards60. Vordak the Incomprehensible #1- Vordak59. Go Baby Go! M. Janovitz58. Hailey Twitch:Campground Itch- L. Barnholdt57. The Warrior Sheep Go West- C Russell56. The Bully- P. Langan55. Freak the Mighty- R. Philbrick54. The Fourth Stall- C. Rylander53. The A.A. of Fan Boy and Goth Girl- B. Lyga (audio)52. Blink & Caution- T. Wynne-Jones (audio)51. Cloaked- A. Finn50. Fairest- G.C. Levine (audio)49. If I Stay - G. Forman (audio)48. The Lost Hero- R. Riorden47. Mister Monday- G. Nix (audio)46. The Necromancer- M. Scott (audio)45. Witch Child C. Rees (audio)44. The Accidental Adventure #2- C.A. London43.The Accidental Adventure #1- C.A. London42. How to Get a Job-S.LJones S. Heap41. Stupid Fast- G. Herbach40. Who What Wear- O. Bennett39. The Undertakers- T. Drago38. LionBoy- Zizou Corder37. May-Bird 2: Amoung the Stars- J. Anderson36. Shadow- J. Moss35. Rocket Town- B. Logan34. The World is a Gift For You- L. Duksta33. Beautilful Blue Eyes- M. Richmond32. Dream Big Little Pig- K. Yamaguchi31. My Name is Not Alexander- J. Foseberry30. The Water Wars- C. Stracher29. The Clockwork Three- M. Kirby28. Beastly- A. Flinn27. The Healing Spell- K. G. Little26. Haunted- J. Preble25. Instructions For A Broken Heart:- K. Culbertson24. 15 Minutes Outside- R. Cohen23. Radiance- A. Noel (audio)22.The Soreceres- M. Scott21. A Step From Heaven- A. Na20. Stork- W. Deisol 19. You- C. Benolt18. Witch- N. Holder17. The Red Pyramid- R. Riordan (audio)16. Reckless-C. Funke (audio)15. Pretty Little Liars- S. Shepard (audio)14. A Tale of Dark & Grimm- A. Gidwitz13. The Water Wars- C. Stracher12. The Mysterious Benedict Society- T. Stewart11. The Quest of the Warrior Sheep- C. Russell10. Wicked- N. Holder (audio)9. Sapphique- C. Fisher (audio)8. Jane and the Raven King- S. Chambers7. The Fairview Felines- M Corriel6. Maybird- J Anderson5. The Rendering- J. Naftali 4. The Merrybegot- J. Hearn (audio) 3. Matilda Bone- K. Cushman (audio) 2. Scorch Trials: J. Dashner1. Incarceron- C. Fisher

November 30, 2011

Time To Read NOAHZARC!

Published by Walking Stick Books

In this amazing space-age story, we are introduced to Noah Zarc, a twelve-year-old boy living in the future-- and the past. Noah and his family travel through the ages, bringing pairs of animals from the past to their specialized spaceship in preparation for re-inhabiting a post-apocalyptic Earth.  

 It doesn’t take long for the reader to put 1 and 1 together and compare the story to Noah and his family collecting animals 2 by 2 from the Bible.

Noah doesn’t stray away from adventure and excitement and finds himself looking into the face of danger more than once. Noah is a paraplegic but has the futuristic advancements making it possible for him to be a fantastic spaceship pilot and animal handler. We learn quickly that Noah’s disability will not deter him from his duties. His family doesn’t give him a chance to dwell on his disability- it is his abilities that are needed to save the animals and his parents when they are kidnapped, putting the animal mission at risk.

With his mom trapped in thirty-first century Mars and Dad trapped in the Ice Age, Noah and his siblings go into warp speed to save the future (and the past) of Earth. Noah finds an unexpected ally from the Ice Age- a girl that uses her primitive knowledge to track down the kidnapper and win over Noah’s heart.

Noah Zarc is a story that can be read over and over again! The sci-fi aspects will thrill even the most reluctant readers by introducing futuristic adventures that one can only dream about now. Destroying attack robots and testing thermal space suits during solo time travel while being a part of the ARC (Animal Rescue Cruiser) project puts this adventure story at the top of many “to be read” piles in my classroom.  The paradoxes of time travel theory are sidestepped, as the spaceship simply jumps from time period to time period. The pull to read this futuristic story is as powerful as gravity on Earth.

The environmental issues discussed are concerns students face today. The extinction of animals and the destruction of Earth will register as a future possibility by the way humans are choosing to live presently. Animal lovers and earth-wise readers will connect immediately to the ARC mission.

Action, adventure, suspense, mischief and love makes this 
a must read for all ages and interests. 
This is a book I need to buy 2 by 2: I can’t keep the single copy on my shelf! 
OMS Students: Submit an original book trailer on this book for your book study assignment 
and earn a free personal copy!

November 8, 2011

Junonia by Kevin Henkes

"A junonia shell is a rare and exceptional find- and this novel for young middle grade readers delivers an equally exquisite thrill of discovery."

 Alice Rice is looking forward to her annual family vacation on Sanibel Island, Florida - it will be her 10th birthday and her 10th trip to this beach full of memories. Her first double digit birthday promises to be filled with family, friends and sunshine. That is until her friends, family and even the sunshine leave her feeling alone and sad on her birthday. Change can be both good and bad? Will these unexpected adventures bring the luck that Alice has been wishing for and put the rare junonia shell in her hand?
The beautiful island setting and the waves of a young girl's emotions makes this a must read.
 Kevin shares Junonia in this video

November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo Means What?

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. This will be the first year I have OMS 6th graders participate. I plan on giving the students every opportunity to create a story that they can be proud to share with others. This means that during the WHOLE month of November,  ALL that we will be doing during English class will be writing and sharing about writing. We will have a few published authors Skype in and talk about their writing process and of course, continue learning new words through our spelling/vocabulary study. If you have ever experienced NaNoWriMo please let me know about your writing. If you are one of my students this year, blog about your experience- if you can find the time…

October 20, 2011

Get Ready to be Blown Away!

Windblowne Review
By Emily D.--- 7th Grade

            Windblowne, an amazing story by Stephen Messer is an exciting, fast paced book about a boy named Oliver who just can’t seem to get a kite to do what he wants. It all takes place in just three or four days in (sort-of) a town named Windblowne and the surrounding areas. It all starts when Oliver’s dad mentions that Oliver’s mom has a crazy expert kite maker for a great-uncle just one day before the annual kite flying contest that Oliver has always hopelessly dreamed about winning. So, Oliver seeks out his great-uncle, only to lose him the same day. Oliver is pulled into an adventure involving alternate worlds and evil twins. Will he be able to survive it all? Read Windblowne, by Stephen Messer to find out.

September 18, 2011

The Familiars: Three Are Choosen

The Familiars by: Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson

Secrets of the Crown is book 2 in The Familiars series by Epstein and Jacobson. This amazing fantasy/adventure book continues the quest for three very unlikely heroes to follow as the travel far and beyond to save their world and all those who live in it- animal and human.

Book 2
Book 1
Familiars, animals with special powers, have been partners and companions with their human friends for countless years. Our three prophesied heroes- a telekinetic cat, a spell binding bluejay and a water viewing tree frog have to leave their loyal humans behind while they search for the Crown of the Snow Leopard. Securing the Crown is their only hope in stopping Paksahara, an evil familiar, from destroying all that is dear to them.

Secrets of the Crown takes the reader to new, exciting and dangerous lands, introduces creatures never spoke of before and binds loyalty, friendship and family into an unstoppable force. Readers, be ready for a journey that leaves you with so many unfamiliar tales you can't stop turning pages.

Books one and two have set the stage for an epic clash of two very determined and opposing forces! Book three is sure to provide familiars and human companions a quest to end all evil encounters... or will it be just the beginning of yet another unforgettable adventure?

***Book three is in my Anticipated Book Box where I will wait impatiently for it to materialize.

-Note to readers: The Familiars is going to become an animated film- read it BEFORE you see it!

September 10, 2011

The Underwear Dare

The Underwear Dare: 5th Grade Couldn't get any Worse!
Sorelle Publishing Inc.

Imagine starting school and finding that you will be in the same class as the bully that has tormented you all through elementary school. Think life couldn't get worse? Think again...your dad has decided to marry his mom, making you roommates both in and out of school!
Eddie and Josh must find a way to survive during this unpleasant turn of events. Creating a series of dares that only boys could come up, the  reader is entertained with a series of embarrassing and gross events.

The Nardini Sisiters have shared a book that is so realistic, you can well, smell the tension. As problems are encountered resolutions are found leaving the reader with a realistic and fun to read story about life's adventures in today's pre-teen world.
Guest review by Mrs. Simpson-
This is a book that you should read! It is about normal kids finding themselves in not the best situations. It is interesting to see how they get themselves into and out of the mishaps. This book exceeds the gross factor scale of all books read!
The back cover has a warning label:
"Read only if you can handle being grossed-out by
popping vomit, silent but deadly farts, vibrating burps
and other dares not for the faint of heart!"

September 9, 2011

Guys Read that will Also "Thrill" Gals

Guys Read Thriller
Edited by J. Scieszka
Harper Collins Children- Walden Pond Press

Stories by M.T. Anderson, Patrick Carman, Gennifer Choldenko,
Matt de la Pena, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bruce Hale,
Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Anthony Horowitz, Walter Dean Myers,
and James Paterson.  Illustrated by Brett Helquist.

"A body on the tracks
A teenage terrorist
A mysterious wish-granting machine
The world’s worst private detective "

Being released this month is Volume 2 of the Guys Read Library. There couldn't be a better collection of suspenseful short stories today! The mysterious titles give a hint to the characters and mayhem readers will experience. The Old, Dead Nuisance, Thad, the Ghost, and Me, the Snake Mafia, and The Double Eagle Has Landed are a few stories that will keep you reading. Pudding by Krosoczka shares text with art giving a new look to short stories.

One of my favorite reasons I love this series is simple- short stories that can easily be abandoned if not quite what I want to read, with a new set of characters on the next page.

Just so there is full disclosure, this anthology has a female author, Margaret Peterson Haddix and you may even read about a girl or two in the stories. I know that boys will love this book, but girls will be reading and enjoying this as much as they devoured the 1st book of Guys Read: Funny Business.

A great site to find more guy reads choices: 

September 5, 2011

Fall Book Releases/ Purchases

This fall is one of the busiest and most exciting seasons I have seen when it comes to middle grade and young adult book releases. Many of these books I couldn't resist pre-ordering and will soon be on the shelves under our Wall of Wonderful.

Here are a few new releases that I would love to share:

   Vordak the Incomprehensible: Rule the School by: Vordak T. Incomprehensible-Sequel to Vordak the Incomprehensible: How To Rule the World

    Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book by: Tom Angleberger Sequel to The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
   Sprinkles and Secrets by: Lisa Schroeder  Sequel to It's Raining Cupcakes
   The Familiars #2: Secrets of the Crown by: Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson  Sequel to The Familiars
   Ashfall by: Mike Mullin
   Ashes by  Ilsa J. Bick
   The Death Cure by: James Dashner Maze Runner Trilogy final book
    Shut Out by: Kody Keplinger

September 4, 2011

Mrs. P's Magic Library Writing Contest

Our 1st Skype this year will be with Mrs. P in her Magic Library!

She will share information about her writing contest and a few laughs.
Here is some information  from her web site:
Did you ever read a story and think, “I could do that!” Well, now’s your chance to prove it. Enter Mrs. P’s 3rd Annual “Be-A-Famous-Writer” Contest. Write a story, submit it to – and Mrs. P herself might read your story on her website!

ENTRY DATES September 1st to October 15, 2011
For Writers ages 4 to 13 years of age

Mrs P invites children to write a story on any topic, no less than 250 words and not to exceed 1,000 words. It may be fiction or non-fiction. All participants must be between the ages of 4 and 13 years old. There are two age competition categories: 4 to 8 years of age, and 9 to 13 years of age.

The two (2) Grand Prize winners’ stories will be read by Mrs P and original illustrations will be created. The lucky child will receive an actual copy of the story in addition to having it posted on the web site ( for viewers to watch and enjoy. MrsP Enterprises, LLC pays all costs of producing the winning book and video. Additionally, all 10 finalists in the contest receive prizes from the contest sponsors. Powell’s Books, the largest independent bookseller in the world, who has been a sponsor since the first year of the contest and our new sponsor, Sakura of America, an innovator in writing and artistic tools, believes in the Power to Express® - the idea that EVERYONE has ideas and thoughts worthy of expression. Sakura’s advocacy of individual self-expression makes them a perfect new sponsor of Mrs. P’s writing contest.

September 1, 2011

Warrior Sheep Go West

The Warrior Sheep Go West 
by: C and C Russell 
Sourcebooks Publishing

The rare breed warriors are back with a quest that will take them from England, over the Atlantic Ocean and into the hot Arizona desert in the USA.
After seeing a pop up message on the laptop playing music in their barn, the warriors are sure that "Red Tongue" is out to destroy every ram, ewe and lamb in the world. This was declared as truth in the Songs of Fleece Prophecy hundreds of years ago.
Following the prophecies directions to "Go West" Wills and friends end up in Las Vegas.  Will they be able to stop the "Red Tongue" monster before it is too late? 
Travel along with the rare breeds and enjoy a mystery that is full of fun and silliness.

August 31, 2011

Please vote daily- we won last year- we can do it again with your help!

 Every email address counts-let your family and friends know.

It is easier to win at the beginning-the votes go into the next week- THANKS!

Limeades for Learning allows SONIC customers and fans to make a difference in their local communities by voting for public school teacher projects they want SONIC to fund.
Participation is easy and this year there are three ways to cast your vote at
  • Anyone with a valid email address can go online and vote for their favorite teacher's project once per day.
  • Get two extra votes with any SONIC purchase. Vote codes are provided on the bag sticker.
  • Vote online 10 times and get two extra votes. Vote codes will be sent via email.
Repeat the process once a day to help your favorite project get enough votes to be funded!

"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." - Buddha

August 20, 2011

2011 Changes in our SPOT

Wall of Wonderful Reading
Wednesday, August 17th was our 1st day of an amazing school year! The changes that have been made in the school and in our classroom are easy to SPOT.
--Mrs. Steggell is our new principal! She brought energy and excitement with her from the Little Husky Learning Center. Her purple and gold pride and love of learning is easy to see each day.

--Many changes in staff and teaching assignments keep our learning fresh and alive. Just to name two: Mrs.Kelly and Mr. Hunzelman have joined the 6th grade Language Arts Team.

Slinky: Super Ferret
--Mrs. Buffington is student teaching in our classroom the 1st eight weeks of school. She is going to school at UNI so purple and gold spirit is bouncing off her.

--Slinky is our 1st class pet. He is a rescued ferret and keeps us laughing at his silliness.

Time to Connect
--Our room has transformed into a writing/reading/connecting headquarters. Bookcases and books, computers and supplies have found places to be used to help connect our learning to the world.

--6th,7th and 8th graders are calling our SPOT home during reading and homeroom times. This will allow us to collaborate and share easily with other Husky students.

With just three days completed, I can tell our 
is going to be the place to be this year!

August 15, 2011

Hailey Twitch Is Not a Snitch by: Lauren Barnholdt

Sourcebooks Publishing

This fun series featuring Hailey Twitch is an amusing adventure of a seven year old and her new found fairy friend, Maybelle. Hailey has to keep her friendship a secret -after all, who would believe a fairy was causing all the trouble that Hailey finds herself in?

When they leave on a camping trip, the mischievous fairy magic creates mishaps once again. Hailey is just trying to have fun, but other people and things get in her way. Poison Ivy, green hair and boys all mixed together with ooey-gooey marshmallows makes the weekend one to share and laugh aloud.

August 5, 2011

Go Baby Go!

Go Baby Go! By: Marilyn Janovitz
Sourcebooks Publishing
A board book that will keep you singing and smiling long after the pages are done.
Baby's jumping high
Baby's bouncing low
Baby's flying in the air
Go Go Go! 
The illustrations are colorful and lively as the baby and pets go through a fun filled day! Perfect to share anytime and anywhere you want to smile.

August 1, 2011

"The Ultimate" Book Review!

The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over the World
Story by Kenn Nesbit
Illustrations by Ethan Long
Sourcebooks Jaberwocky

It will be my goal to make this book the ultimate "Everyone Knows About This Book" by the end of our new school year. Kenn and Ethan have given us a book that will change what we learn -How to Rule the World or nouns and verbs, long division and the capitols of Asia? When students have the opportunity to RULE THE WORLD I think I know what they will choose!
So, get ready for a year you will always remember.
If you don't happen to be in our class, I'm really sorry!
You can always get your own copy of the book and try to keep up with us as we seek and conquer and laugh! "Mwwhaharaha"

Kenn says it best at the beginning of the book...
" the time you’re done reading, and rereading, and heck, let’s just say devouring this wonderfully clever book (and telling all your friends and buying lots of extra copies), you will have learned everything you need to know to have entire countries simultaneously groveling at your feet, chewing on their fingernails, and quaking in their baby booties. Seriously. You’re going to learn all sorts of important stuff, including how to:
- Become a genius overnight -
-Think up your new Mad Scientist name
- Equip your underground lair
- Build evil robots
- Stop time for fun and profit
- Dress for conquest
- Clone mutant monsters
- Recruit minions
- Construct doomsday devices
- Defeat secret agents
- Perfect your diabolical laugh
- Choose your Mad Scientist theme song
- Spend your first billion dollars
- Do some other junk
Doesn’t that sound insanely fantastic? Of course it does. That’s why I wrote this book."

 School starts soon and the world will be yours!
Makes you want to come to school early doesn't it?

July 28, 2011

Elliot - "A Likeable Hero"

Elliot and the Goblin War and Elliot and the Pixie Plot
Jennifer Nielsen author
Gideon Kendall illustrator
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Goblin War: Minding his own business and trying to stay away from neighborhood bullies, Elliot finds himself being offered the honor of being King of the Brownies. Patches, a Brownie running for her life on Halloween night, is saved when Elliot scares away the Goblins that are trying to steal her pickles. Of course, Elliot just sees kids dressed in their Halloween costumes- not REAL Underworld creatures. Patches shares with all the Brownies how Elliot is a hero and he is rewarded after Queen Bibsy's spleen dies. Not everyone approves of Elliot- a human becoming King so the adventure begins...Goblins, pickles, Brownies, Turnip juice, humans, carrots, chocolate cake and explosions. Enjoy the adventure and humor as both Jennifer and Gideon take you Underground with a POOF!

Pixie Dust: Elliot barely has time to see his house rebuilt and the Underworld needs him. Above ground, he is busy creating a science project with a bossy girl and being "friends" with the bully that he taught how to be nice in The Goblin War. The bully, Tubs, and Elliot are kidnapped by Pixies and held in an Underground prison. Elliot is caught in the middle of a turf war- release the Goblin King from prison or DIE.. Elliot escape path is so full of twists and turns, he may as well be on a roller-coaster from your worst nightmare! When he accidentally awakens Kovol the Demon, who now plans to destroy the human race, his problems really get BIG! Don't stop reading, you need to know if Elliot's science project gets finished, if Tubs returns back to normal, and if the human race, Brownies, Pixies, Goblins, Fairies can all get along.

July 13, 2011

Horrid Henry Rocks

Horrid Henry Rocks by Francesca Simmon
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

"From the desk of Horrid Henry
There aren't any cute fairies in my book and no magic wizards either. but if you want to see someone cause a lot of trouble, I'M THE BEST!  -Horrid Henry"
Pick up this book and read four fast and fantastic stories about Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter, Moody Margret, Sour Susan, Vain Violet and more.
Spy sleepovers, bedroom invasions, daisy and rat concerts and creative autobiography writing finds Henry getting into more trouble then most middle schoolars could think of. Enjoy the rewards without the punishment!

July 6, 2011

The Pony Whisperer: Secret Pony Society

The Pony Whisperer: Secret Pony Society
written by Janet Rising
Sourcebooks Jaberwocky Publishing

Pia and Drummer are back with more adventure. This time, they aren't "horsing around". A traveling secret society group decides to camp near Laurel Stables. Everyone at the stable is concerned about the safety of their horses and belongings. After Pia meets one of the girls in the society, Jazz, a horse connection is made.  Jazz, who seems to have some real pony-whispering powers herself, asks Pia to protect her and her pony from her violent father. "When Jazz and her pony become runaways, should Pia help the girl and risk her new friendships at the stables?"
Read this latest adventure in The Pony Whisperer series to find out.

July 5, 2011

New York City -Oh Yea!

Authors, publishers, literacy groups  and the Today Show
June 2011
 When I was given the opportunity to visit NYC with my daughter, I grabbed my book bag and camera and headed for The Big Apple. Along with the regular tourist spots, we also did our own reading tour. Here are a few reading stops we made. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our trip!
Books of Wonder Book Store: Author Speak

Lisa Schroeder- "It's Raining Cupcakes"

...cupcakes of course!

NYC Public Library

Outside NYC Library

Balto statue in Central Park

C. A. London- Accidental Adventure author is amazing!

Egmont Publishing  and Elizabeth
shared books and fun...

Vordak's evil helmet

Vordak's rules for reading

June 21, 2011

Magickeepers Three: Give Away & Review

The Chalice of Immortality: Book Three
Written by Erica Kirov.
Sourcebooks Jaberwocky Publishing
This amazing and magical Magickeepers adventure series just keeps getting better! Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Amelia Earhart are just a few of my favorite historical individuals that play a part in protecting the chalice of immortality. Nick and his family continue in their quest of protecting all that is magical and keeping the relics safely out of unknowing hands. The Rostov family must combine their knowledge, power and loyalty to save Nick's father. Through stories, legends and trips, the chalice is found- how Nick will use it is the mystery all are waiting to see. If you haven't read the 1st two books in the series, here is your chance! The Eternal Hourglass and The Pyramid of Souls along with The Chalice of Immortality are available for a lucky middle school student. Send me an email or leave a comment by August 1st sharing your favorite summer book to win this magical set.

June 18, 2011

Stupid Fast is a Smart Read

                                       Stupid Fast
                                                           by Geoff Herbach
Sourcebooks Fire Publishing

The Summer I Went From a Joke to a Jock
Getting to know Felton Reinstein is easy. He is like most teen boys- easily embarrassed, often confused and curious about almost everything- especially girls. Felton's life is changing fast at the same time that he is stuck in a time warp of disturbing memories.

The chapter titles tell the story better than I can:
 2- My Body Grew Hair.
9- Things Began To Change Suddenly At The Pool
13- It Is 2:35 A. M.
20- I Really Didn't Know What To Do
25: What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?
34- I Had To Be A Barbarian
39: Tired Barbarian
52: I Can Juggle Clean Sock Balls
62: Sweetness
Football, Friends, Family -- a fantastic book for teens moving fast or slow!

June 15, 2011

Who What Wear

Who What Wear by Olivia Bennett
The Allegra Biscotti Collection
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Publishing

Fashion Emergency! Is there anyone out there that hasn't had one? Emma Rose secretly answers the 911 calls as a new international,in-demand fashion designer. Since the world of fashion isn't ready for a middle school designer deva, Emma must work under a false identity- Allegra. Keeping this secret from her best friend may cost her their friendship- sharing her secret could cost her the opportunity of a life time. Emma's worlds collide when she is asked to design a gown for the middle school social event of the year. Find out how Emma/ Allegra designs her new identity to fit into her wardrobe world.

June 12, 2011

How to Get a Job by ME The Boss

How To Get a Job by Me the Boss and Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap
Schwartz & Wade Books/ Random House

No matter your age or choice of occupations, getting a job can be tricky. How To get a Job by Me The Boss, shares the ins and outs of securing your first job- even if you are still in elementary school. This matter of fact narrator shares all there is to know and more on landing your perfect job. There is a list of terrific sounding  jobs: magician, doctor, teacher, mommy &/or a daddy, and even a spy. you are reminded what you should (reseme) and shouldn't (your gerbil) take to a job interview. Being on your best behavior is a must at the interview (no biting or sleeping). After getting the job, it is just a small step to becoming your own boss.

This is another great fun to read and see book in the authors' series of "How To" guides. A must for any want-a-be boss or lemonade stand owner. The pictures are bright and detailed and it is full of silliness making this book stand out as a favorite!

June 11, 2011

I Couldn't Review This Book...

The Rendering by Joel Naftali 

"One mad scientists+ One evil mercenary vs. Two kids+ Three skunks= Nonstop Adventure"
Joel Naftali used technology and suspense to create a book that I couldn't review. 
So, why couldn't I review this book you ask?
--It wasn't because of the plot: 
It is easy to follow the suspenseful blog entries that share the past, present and future of an attempt for complete world domination
--It wasn't because of the characters:
Doug is a regular video playing teenager who finds himself with a $1000,000 reward on his head and featured on America's Most Dangerous
Jamie is the smart, rich girl that lives next door to Doug, her best friend
Scientists: good & evil combat each other and Doug and Jamie to dominate or save Earth as we know it
Three skunks that are enhanced in every way possible (picture Teenage Mutant Turtles w/ a wicked spray)
--It wasn't the setting:
A top secret "medical research" center and then "on the run" hideouts
--It wasn't the conflict:
Mad scientists using technology to have total control of everything and everyone on this planet and a team of teenagers/mammals doing everything they can to stop the take-over
It was the fact that as soon as I received this book, my students begged to read it/ they pleaded/ they whined/ they tried to bribe (chocolate) so I loaned it out before I had a chance to read it myself...
It passed from reader to reader and before I new it, I was almost the only one left that hadn't read it.
Summer vacation leaves me with less reading competition and my own stash of chocolate-time to read!
**Note to self: open book packages away from student eyes when ever possible-unless in need of chocolate

June 8, 2011

Dads, Kids and Rockets Make Great Picture Books to Share!

Father's Day is June 19th and two books that I recently shared spell
READ: Really Exciting Adventures w/Dad

Rocket Town by Bob Logan is a brilliant board book that gets you flying through the pages to see what adventures are available in Rocket Town. The boy and his dog are seen on every page in their yellow pick-up truck. Trips to the moon, rocket parks and rocket highways take them to a special place-a rocket dealership. What rocket will they choose to fly to the moon?

Rocket Town is a fun read with a lot of fun details to share and talk about.

Growing up in a family with a Superhero Dad would be very interesting. But sadly, this little boy's dad isn't a superhero. He can't fly, he doesn't have super strength and he doesn't have a force field. But... the things that Dad can do are amazing. he spends a lot of time with his son- something that every dad can do-even without a cape! Ethan Long sums it up when he wrote: " My dad is NOT a superhero...but he is SUPER GOOD at being a dad."

Here is to a Happy Father's Day to all of our Super Dads!