July 28, 2011

Elliot - "A Likeable Hero"

Elliot and the Goblin War and Elliot and the Pixie Plot
Jennifer Nielsen author
Gideon Kendall illustrator
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky www.jabberwockykids.com

Goblin War: Minding his own business and trying to stay away from neighborhood bullies, Elliot finds himself being offered the honor of being King of the Brownies. Patches, a Brownie running for her life on Halloween night, is saved when Elliot scares away the Goblins that are trying to steal her pickles. Of course, Elliot just sees kids dressed in their Halloween costumes- not REAL Underworld creatures. Patches shares with all the Brownies how Elliot is a hero and he is rewarded after Queen Bibsy's spleen dies. Not everyone approves of Elliot- a human becoming King so the adventure begins...Goblins, pickles, Brownies, Turnip juice, humans, carrots, chocolate cake and explosions. Enjoy the adventure and humor as both Jennifer and Gideon take you Underground with a POOF!

Pixie Dust: Elliot barely has time to see his house rebuilt and the Underworld needs him. Above ground, he is busy creating a science project with a bossy girl and being "friends" with the bully that he taught how to be nice in The Goblin War. The bully, Tubs, and Elliot are kidnapped by Pixies and held in an Underground prison. Elliot is caught in the middle of a turf war- release the Goblin King from prison or DIE.. Elliot escape path is so full of twists and turns, he may as well be on a roller-coaster from your worst nightmare! When he accidentally awakens Kovol the Demon, who now plans to destroy the human race, his problems really get BIG! Don't stop reading, you need to know if Elliot's science project gets finished, if Tubs returns back to normal, and if the human race, Brownies, Pixies, Goblins, Fairies can all get along.

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