October 31, 2014

Students Share Dots-Marks on the World

2014-09-17 10.20.55.png

2014-09-17 10.21.52.png
My dot is a house with a heart in it, pointing to music, a brain, and a math book. It means that out of my home, or myself, came music talents, and academic things. I am going to make my mark with those drawings. I will try to do my best in everything I do. I am very blessed to have what I can do. (MC)

It is International Dot Day and the 6th grade in OMS Oelwein, IA are participating. We are making our marks. If I had a choice to put my dot somewhere, it would be in Texas. I could be with my mom’s good ole friend, Rose. She is very special to my family because my mom has known her for a long time. I care for her because she is nice and funny. Right now she isn’t feeling good. (CD)

2014-09-17 10.19.06.png
My mark on the world is to stand up for girls. I stand up for girls because many girls can’t read or write all over the world. What I drew on my dot is an arrow because it represents Stand Up for Girls. I also drew a book and a paper because lots of girls and boys can’t read (book) or write (paper). I see myself making my mark in Africa, Europe and Asia and all over the world. (MBW)

My mark stands for animals. I want to help. I can help animals that can’t help themselves. I will be in Chicago, Illinois but my career will start in Oelwein, Iowa. I will be able to help animals and people around the world. (CB)

My dot is all about ballet. It has some ballet shows like The Red Shoes, The NutCracker, and Swan Lake. There is a ballerina. This was taking place in Oelwein. This will take place in Sydney Opera House
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My Mark in the world is to show other people that dance isn’t just about all the routines and its more about passion and giving your all 100% of the time. (SD)

I made this dot. It shows Fontana, where I hunt, my house, a silo, and my dog, Spot, There is also a Oelwein Middle School sign, and a rainbow around it. It is taking place in Hazelton and Oelwein. My dot takes place in these area’s because I go to these places. I want to make my mark in these places because they are a part of my life and because I want to remember these places. This mark is going to last forever and I might add to it. It also shows what is important to me and what is important to my families. It also shows that girls around the world need an education. (NG)