November 24, 2014

More Marks that Help the World

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More Marks that Help the World

My mark on the world is to plant more trees and help them grow. This mark is about planting trees anywhere in the world at any time. This will help the world get more oxygen. It will also get wood and other supplies from cutting it down. But only cut it down if you plant another one close by. You do that so we never run out of trees. This will help the world greatly. (RM)

2014-09-17 11.04.28.png
We should recycle more. Because we need to keep the environment clean so animals don’t die. We don’t want animals to keep on dying and become instigated. This is my dot and it is important to me because I want to help out the earth. (AO)

2014-09-17 11.12.15.png
I made this dot because it is International Dot Day. The dot shows a girl walking on a sidewalk to throw away some trash. She is at a park walking through. It would make a mark because if one person picks up a few pieces of trash then another and maybe one more. That is at least is a start but if nobody does it, Earth will be very dirty. This can take place anywhere in the world. (MR)

2014-09-17 11.14.21.png
My dot is of my little cousin (Rylee). She is only four. She is picking up trash because that’s what she likes to do. She thinks that picking up nasty stuff is nasty but she still does it. She always talks about helping the and helping other people. She picks it up around her house or the park or other places.She thinks littering is really wrong of people to do. So she likes to help out with the environment and she just doesn’t like littering for some reason. (KW)
2014-09-17 12.22.32.png

My Dot shows air and water pollution. It is flowing from The Mississippi River to The Gulf of Mexico. People are littering and it is killing animals. This needs to be stopped. (KW)

The dot shows that I care about the ocean and the animals.This is taking place in the past where you had to work by hand not by machine. This is my mark on the world because I careabout the environment. I care about our environment because it is something I can learn about. (AB)

November 19, 2014

More Dots

2014-09-17 12.31.56.png
2014-09-17 12.28.00.png
This dot represents helping people to learn how to read. The reason this dot represents that is because some people can not read and that makes me kinda sad. I love reading. Reading takes you places in your imagination and if you can’t read you can’t go to that place. That is why I made this dot. (MB)

2014-09-17 12.27.17.png
My dot shows a fire truck because the fire people help people house got on fire. When a house catches on fire, the firefighters get in their truck and go to the house that is on fire. The person that calls the fire department needs to know where they live. The fire department can get the house safely. (MB)

2014-09-17 12.24.37.png
I made this dot because I care about nature. This dot shows a tree, a stream, and a flower.
It takes place in nature. I will make my mark by helping keep nature clean by recycling. (JC)

I made this dot because I care about the environment. This dot has a sun, a nice blue sky, and a bunch of trees. This is taking place in a forest somewhere in the world. This is going to make a difference in the world because as you can see, it doesn’t have any pollution in the air. It’s also is a nice day in the environment and it’s nice and peaceful. (JH)

2014-09-17 12.26.42.png

2014-09-17 12.23.49.png

The Dot shows that I want people to stop killing animals that are endangered species. Pandas are dying because people are pushing their living space smaller to put houses there for people to live in. Pandas are dying because they do not have enough bamboo to eat. They can't reproduce fast enough. (CJ)

I made this dot because I want to change the world.  I made this dot because. I wanted to help children that can't afford things like clothes and water and food. If I put my mark in a continent it would be Islam and it would help children that were affected by all the wars. Also,  I want to help the adults in Islam that were hurt in the war. If there are any other people that need help with other things. (AL)

November 10, 2014

Dots to Save the Earth

2014-09-17 11.09.11.png

I made this dot to help pick up trash. I made it to show that I pick up trash. I pick up trash at my house. Whenever I see trash at my house I pick it up. The reason that I pick up trash is that I do not like to have a lot of trash around. I am trying to clean up a lot more places. (MG)

November 5, 2014

Making my Mark in Room 12

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2014-09-17 11.08.39.png
I made  this  dot  at  Oelwein  Middle  School.  I  want  my  mark  to  be  a  picture of  me  being  a  good person.   I  hope  lot’s  of  people  see  it. (CG)

I am at a river sitting, and I see some people throw trash in. I want to stop pollution in rivers so we have clean water. It is a river and it is clean a dumps pollution in it - I  said stop.
I make my mark on the world by stopping pollution in rivers. We only have so much water that we can drink. (LH)

2014-09-17 11.05.00.png

2014-09-17 11.06.32.png
I drew a truck that has a camper attached to it.

The reason I drew a picture of a camper is I enjoy camping with my family. I camped in many different places. One of those places was City Park in Oelwein. I feel very happy  when I go camping with my family. (AH)

I drew a picture of my mom, dad, sister, and my little baby sister.  We are a family. I love my family very much. They mean the world to me. (AS)

2014-09-17 11.10.48.png
I made this dot. The dot shows that I am in a park and I am cleaning up. It also shows a clean park. This will take place inNorth English at my aunt’s house. My Dot on the World will be there because I want to help her with her yard. I’m also at the park cleaning up. (AH)

2014-09-17 11.03.03.png
My mark on world is to help homeless and hungry people. I made this dot. My dot shows houses and food for homeless and hungry people and a person that is happy. This will take place all over the world because some people are homeless and hungry. I made my dot this way because people need houses and food. I made this so people can have homes and food. (GK)

November 3, 2014

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Dots to Improve the Earth

My Mark on the world is to pick up trash. Why? Because it can help with the overall earth's health. Like we need to get stuff out of the lakes, rivers, seas and oceans because if any animal that lives there or goes there will get very sick and die.  We can pick trash up in lakes or just the ground. It doesn't matter where it is- just do it! (DAC)

We shouldn’t pollute the earth with our cars and the gas and all the smoke. We should pick up trash all around the school and everywhere, then our earth wouldn't be so polluted. We could stop and tell people to stop using diesel. They should stop doing burnouts to stop all the smoke spreading. We should tell everyone to pick up trash because all of this could fill up the earth. If it fills up, we could have no place to live. The trash would be everywhere. Gas and oil could get in the air and it and make it smell bad. If we don't stop this, our earth could be like this forever. (CB)

If you cut down a tree at least replant them- we are running out of trees. Trees = oxygen
If people cut all of them down, we are not going to be able to breath. The tree cuter people need to replant not just leave the stump there. Replanting is very important and if we don’t there won’t be any trees to help us breath and live longer. (JS)

I am going to tell you how I will make my mark on the world. I would like to clean up around Iowa. I can start by cleaning my community. Then I could start cleaning other communities, with the help of other people. I want to help because if people pollute places, and nobody cleans those places, Iowa’s not going to be like it was before all the pollution. I think everyone wants their home to be clean. But, I’m not going to be able to clean all of it by myself. If I can gather others to help clean, I think that we can make a mark on the world. (ES)
2014-09-17 11.02.41.png
2014-09-17 11.07.26.png

The reason why I made this Dot is because I think the world’s lakes and oceans need to be cleaner than they  are. I am the one who drew this dot about picking up garbage around lakes. My mark is me picking up garbage around a lake. The scene where I am is by a lake. Another reason I made this mark is because people don’t care about what they throw in our water resources. I hope this helps understand more about my mark. (BE)

I am making a difference in the world because I am picking up litter. It is a responsible thing to do. Without a clean environment, we wouldn’t be alive right now. I pick up litter at Platz Park. The park has a lot of trash. She is going to keep picking up the litter to help the world and the environment. (FB)

November 1, 2014

My Mark on the Future

2014-09-17 10.28.07.png
2014-09-17 10.18.32.png
My Mark on My Future World...
It is a house with a heart to help other people that need help and to go around the world too. It is in Oelwein, Iowa. I love to help people that talk in different languages around the  world. It is something that I like to do to save people that are hurt. My mark is to help other people  that needed help in Oelwein, Iowa. My Mark on the World is do something that is nice- to help other people that need it. ( MR)

I say my dot is the best dot in the class because nobody knows what my dot means! I almost laughed when I said that. The symbol on my dot means college. I wanted to write the word college on my dot because I want to go to UNI college when I get older. The symbol is written in Japanese. I approve my writing. (DP)

2014-09-17 10.25.19.png
My mark on the world is to have a good job in the UK because I want to make a mark in a different place. The reason why is to have my family proud of me. I’m going to start making my mark when I have money to fly to the UK. I want to have a family there. (KM)

My Mark on the World- I want to make an Operating System like Windows or OSX. I would first would need to find out how to do it, after that I would need to find a way to make it, and then distribute it. It may cost a lot of money, especially for the amount of disks I would need and the price of the programs to make it. It definitely won't be an easy task (or a cheap one) but I would like to do it (eventually). I also would need to get stuff to run on it. (CS)

2014-09-17 11.12.43.png
2014-09-17 10.14.54.png
The colors in this dot inspire me to do things. I am going to make my dot in the somewhere to dig. I want to make my dot there because I like to dig for things like rocks or gems. I want to look for the biggest dinosaur skeleton. I like dinosaurs because I like to think about how some creatures lived millions of years ago. (NC)

My Mark on the World... I will play football so I can donate to places that took care of me and educated me. Maybe I’ll farm so people can taste food when I was younger. Like farmers sell corn and that was good. I will play football so I can go to places that I’ve missed because I moved. (DV)

Students Share Their Dot/Mark

2014-09-17 10.26.39.png
2014-09-17 10.24.27.png

My dot is about helping animals. I like helping animals. I like helping dogs. I have two dogs. I love playing with them. I have to feed them in the morning before school and sometimes at night. They are both labs. I also have cows. Sometimes we have to bottle feed calves. I hope to make my mark in Hazelton. I could start an animal shelter and make my mark. (JK)

2014-09-17 10.23.43.png

My dot is nature. Nature is my favorite thing to be around. I made my mark on nature because I care for nature. The animals inspire me. I will make this mark in Iowa. California is also a great place for nature. I like spending time in nature because there are so many colors, sounds, and animals. (MK)

2014-09-17 10.26.02.png
I made this dot. It’s colorful. I play volleyball and softball with my best friends. I go to school with my best friends.We go outside and pick up the garbage, plant flowers and plant trees.This is important because it makes our earth more healthy and beautiful. (AL)
2014-09-17 10.13.52.png

My dot shows an Abraham Lincoln book with words and the outside is colorful. This is taking place in my library.  I see me making my mark in college. My mark on the world will be in Wyoming because my mom went there and told me there were libraries and horses. (BL)

2014-09-17 10.27.23.png
This dot shows what I want to do, at first in Iowa then hopefully the world. My mark is that I want to solve things like the Bermuda Triangle mystery. I will travel the world and try different foods. I might be a video game maker. I also want to be a writer. I want to camp a lot. I will read a lot of books. (SM)

I would recycle for the world. Everywhere in the world. So, I would help the world with all the trash and it would clean up dirty places. My mark on the world would be to help the people in other places. (AM)

October 31, 2014

Students Share Dots-Marks on the World

2014-09-17 10.20.55.png

2014-09-17 10.21.52.png
My dot is a house with a heart in it, pointing to music, a brain, and a math book. It means that out of my home, or myself, came music talents, and academic things. I am going to make my mark with those drawings. I will try to do my best in everything I do. I am very blessed to have what I can do. (MC)

It is International Dot Day and the 6th grade in OMS Oelwein, IA are participating. We are making our marks. If I had a choice to put my dot somewhere, it would be in Texas. I could be with my mom’s good ole friend, Rose. She is very special to my family because my mom has known her for a long time. I care for her because she is nice and funny. Right now she isn’t feeling good. (CD)

2014-09-17 10.19.06.png
My mark on the world is to stand up for girls. I stand up for girls because many girls can’t read or write all over the world. What I drew on my dot is an arrow because it represents Stand Up for Girls. I also drew a book and a paper because lots of girls and boys can’t read (book) or write (paper). I see myself making my mark in Africa, Europe and Asia and all over the world. (MBW)

My mark stands for animals. I want to help. I can help animals that can’t help themselves. I will be in Chicago, Illinois but my career will start in Oelwein, Iowa. I will be able to help animals and people around the world. (CB)

My dot is all about ballet. It has some ballet shows like The Red Shoes, The NutCracker, and Swan Lake. There is a ballerina. This was taking place in Oelwein. This will take place in Sydney Opera House
2014-09-17 10.20.12.png
2014-09-17 10.29.00.png
My Mark in the world is to show other people that dance isn’t just about all the routines and its more about passion and giving your all 100% of the time. (SD)

I made this dot. It shows Fontana, where I hunt, my house, a silo, and my dog, Spot, There is also a Oelwein Middle School sign, and a rainbow around it. It is taking place in Hazelton and Oelwein. My dot takes place in these area’s because I go to these places. I want to make my mark in these places because they are a part of my life and because I want to remember these places. This mark is going to last forever and I might add to it. It also shows what is important to me and what is important to my families. It also shows that girls around the world need an education. (NG)

September 21, 2014

Seeing Dots/Making Marks

Making our Mark in            Room 12 

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