November 3, 2014

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Dots to Improve the Earth

My Mark on the world is to pick up trash. Why? Because it can help with the overall earth's health. Like we need to get stuff out of the lakes, rivers, seas and oceans because if any animal that lives there or goes there will get very sick and die.  We can pick trash up in lakes or just the ground. It doesn't matter where it is- just do it! (DAC)

We shouldn’t pollute the earth with our cars and the gas and all the smoke. We should pick up trash all around the school and everywhere, then our earth wouldn't be so polluted. We could stop and tell people to stop using diesel. They should stop doing burnouts to stop all the smoke spreading. We should tell everyone to pick up trash because all of this could fill up the earth. If it fills up, we could have no place to live. The trash would be everywhere. Gas and oil could get in the air and it and make it smell bad. If we don't stop this, our earth could be like this forever. (CB)

If you cut down a tree at least replant them- we are running out of trees. Trees = oxygen
If people cut all of them down, we are not going to be able to breath. The tree cuter people need to replant not just leave the stump there. Replanting is very important and if we don’t there won’t be any trees to help us breath and live longer. (JS)

I am going to tell you how I will make my mark on the world. I would like to clean up around Iowa. I can start by cleaning my community. Then I could start cleaning other communities, with the help of other people. I want to help because if people pollute places, and nobody cleans those places, Iowa’s not going to be like it was before all the pollution. I think everyone wants their home to be clean. But, I’m not going to be able to clean all of it by myself. If I can gather others to help clean, I think that we can make a mark on the world. (ES)
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The reason why I made this Dot is because I think the world’s lakes and oceans need to be cleaner than they  are. I am the one who drew this dot about picking up garbage around lakes. My mark is me picking up garbage around a lake. The scene where I am is by a lake. Another reason I made this mark is because people don’t care about what they throw in our water resources. I hope this helps understand more about my mark. (BE)

I am making a difference in the world because I am picking up litter. It is a responsible thing to do. Without a clean environment, we wouldn’t be alive right now. I pick up litter at Platz Park. The park has a lot of trash. She is going to keep picking up the litter to help the world and the environment. (FB)

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