November 1, 2014

Students Share Their Dot/Mark

2014-09-17 10.26.39.png
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My dot is about helping animals. I like helping animals. I like helping dogs. I have two dogs. I love playing with them. I have to feed them in the morning before school and sometimes at night. They are both labs. I also have cows. Sometimes we have to bottle feed calves. I hope to make my mark in Hazelton. I could start an animal shelter and make my mark. (JK)

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My dot is nature. Nature is my favorite thing to be around. I made my mark on nature because I care for nature. The animals inspire me. I will make this mark in Iowa. California is also a great place for nature. I like spending time in nature because there are so many colors, sounds, and animals. (MK)

2014-09-17 10.26.02.png
I made this dot. It’s colorful. I play volleyball and softball with my best friends. I go to school with my best friends.We go outside and pick up the garbage, plant flowers and plant trees.This is important because it makes our earth more healthy and beautiful. (AL)
2014-09-17 10.13.52.png

My dot shows an Abraham Lincoln book with words and the outside is colorful. This is taking place in my library.  I see me making my mark in college. My mark on the world will be in Wyoming because my mom went there and told me there were libraries and horses. (BL)

2014-09-17 10.27.23.png
This dot shows what I want to do, at first in Iowa then hopefully the world. My mark is that I want to solve things like the Bermuda Triangle mystery. I will travel the world and try different foods. I might be a video game maker. I also want to be a writer. I want to camp a lot. I will read a lot of books. (SM)

I would recycle for the world. Everywhere in the world. So, I would help the world with all the trash and it would clean up dirty places. My mark on the world would be to help the people in other places. (AM)

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