November 1, 2014

My Mark on the Future

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My Mark on My Future World...
It is a house with a heart to help other people that need help and to go around the world too. It is in Oelwein, Iowa. I love to help people that talk in different languages around the  world. It is something that I like to do to save people that are hurt. My mark is to help other people  that needed help in Oelwein, Iowa. My Mark on the World is do something that is nice- to help other people that need it. ( MR)

I say my dot is the best dot in the class because nobody knows what my dot means! I almost laughed when I said that. The symbol on my dot means college. I wanted to write the word college on my dot because I want to go to UNI college when I get older. The symbol is written in Japanese. I approve my writing. (DP)

2014-09-17 10.25.19.png
My mark on the world is to have a good job in the UK because I want to make a mark in a different place. The reason why is to have my family proud of me. I’m going to start making my mark when I have money to fly to the UK. I want to have a family there. (KM)

My Mark on the World- I want to make an Operating System like Windows or OSX. I would first would need to find out how to do it, after that I would need to find a way to make it, and then distribute it. It may cost a lot of money, especially for the amount of disks I would need and the price of the programs to make it. It definitely won't be an easy task (or a cheap one) but I would like to do it (eventually). I also would need to get stuff to run on it. (CS)

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2014-09-17 10.14.54.png
The colors in this dot inspire me to do things. I am going to make my dot in the somewhere to dig. I want to make my dot there because I like to dig for things like rocks or gems. I want to look for the biggest dinosaur skeleton. I like dinosaurs because I like to think about how some creatures lived millions of years ago. (NC)

My Mark on the World... I will play football so I can donate to places that took care of me and educated me. Maybe I’ll farm so people can taste food when I was younger. Like farmers sell corn and that was good. I will play football so I can go to places that I’ve missed because I moved. (DV)

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