November 24, 2014

More Marks that Help the World

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More Marks that Help the World

My mark on the world is to plant more trees and help them grow. This mark is about planting trees anywhere in the world at any time. This will help the world get more oxygen. It will also get wood and other supplies from cutting it down. But only cut it down if you plant another one close by. You do that so we never run out of trees. This will help the world greatly. (RM)

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We should recycle more. Because we need to keep the environment clean so animals don’t die. We don’t want animals to keep on dying and become instigated. This is my dot and it is important to me because I want to help out the earth. (AO)

2014-09-17 11.12.15.png
I made this dot because it is International Dot Day. The dot shows a girl walking on a sidewalk to throw away some trash. She is at a park walking through. It would make a mark because if one person picks up a few pieces of trash then another and maybe one more. That is at least is a start but if nobody does it, Earth will be very dirty. This can take place anywhere in the world. (MR)

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My dot is of my little cousin (Rylee). She is only four. She is picking up trash because that’s what she likes to do. She thinks that picking up nasty stuff is nasty but she still does it. She always talks about helping the and helping other people. She picks it up around her house or the park or other places.She thinks littering is really wrong of people to do. So she likes to help out with the environment and she just doesn’t like littering for some reason. (KW)
2014-09-17 12.22.32.png

My Dot shows air and water pollution. It is flowing from The Mississippi River to The Gulf of Mexico. People are littering and it is killing animals. This needs to be stopped. (KW)

The dot shows that I care about the ocean and the animals.This is taking place in the past where you had to work by hand not by machine. This is my mark on the world because I careabout the environment. I care about our environment because it is something I can learn about. (AB)

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