April 30, 2011

The Undertakers by Ty Drago

What Do You See?

Review by Ashley- 6th grade reader/reviewer
---Approved and given highest marks by teacher6th
 The Undertakers is one of the best books I have ever read. Will wants to go home after he gains his Sight. It enables him to See the Corpses as they really are, dead. They are not zombies, though, these things are smarter than a zombie. The Corpses try to take him again and again because of who his father really was and what he did. Will didn't know what really happened to his father two years ago, and he has no choice but to fight the Corpses after he learns what they want of him.

April 28, 2011

5th Grade Visit at OMS

Friday brought around 70 students from Oelwein 5th grade classrooms to the hallways of OMS. Students and teachers shared time together while touring the building, visiting about next years activities and expectations, eating lunch and relaxing during recess time. Band students were able to experience a rehearsal practice in the OMS band room and all enjoyed watching a movie on the large screen in the auditorium. 
Welcome 5th Graders!

April 25, 2011

Dream Big Little Pig by Kristy Yamaguchi

Anyone even remotely connected to my classroom knows that dreaming and having choices is important to me. Dream Big Little Pig by K. Yamaguchi says simply what I try to teach daily.
Poopy, a pig that dreams big, finds the support and ambition to see her dream come a reality. This of course is not without many roadblocks and start-overs. Poppy not only needs to find the place she fits the best, but also to trust in her heart. The positive pigs in her life were also a big help helping Poppy swirl into her dream come true life.

"Follow Your Dreams!"
"You Go Girl!"
"Dream Big, Pig!"

April 22, 2011

15 minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen

Earth Day Book Review:
Go outside and play? What to do? When to do it? Why and How?  This is the book that I needed to lift me out of the ho-hum of a dreary winter and jump into spring-literally. Divided into seasons, easy to do ideas invite you to put on your shoes, boots, flip flops or  just go barefoot and enjoy the outdoors.This book was motivating and shared many easy "get out and do" ideas while enjoying nature with children.  Rebecca P. Cohen’s Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids is a book everyone can get up-get out and do .

April 20, 2011

Old Creamery Theatre 6th Grade Winner !!! Performance Update: 4/20/11

UPDATE:  OMS 6th Graders had a morning performance of music, laughs and lessons  when the troop of actors visited the Williams Center today. The best part was when our own Madison M. was called on stage and was recognized as a brilliant writer and given her certificate for her 2nd place story she wrote. Madison and  others met with the actors and enjoyed a lunch sharing writing, acting and life adventures.
Congratulations once again, Madison!     
The title of our 2011 Theatre for Young Audiences touring show is...
What a Difference a Play Makes,
and is all about characters that make a difference in some way!
Oelwein will be a stop on their tour sharing stories written by  2nd-6th graders.

18 Signatures and 1 Hobo written by Madison M. Grade 6 at Oelwein Middle School won a 2nd place award in the Old Creamery Theatre 2011Writing Contest. Great writing, Madison!

April 15, 2011

Walking by an Aquarium?

     If you plan on walking down the 6th grade hallway anytime soon, you may need to bring your diving gear. There has been an aquarium added to the hall.
6th graders in math, reading, science and English completed a long term unit focusing on one of the earth's biomes, the ocean.
     The wall aquarium was created spotlighting the major oceans and their inhabitants. Special attention was given to the beach and coastline, coral reefs and Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the twilight and midnight zones, and the Arctic Ocean. Animals and plants found in these ranges and habitats were added to create a very life-like appearance.
I like how it feels a little more like summer during our walk to classes...sunglasses may be needed.

April 10, 2011

Haunted by Joy Preble

     Haunted , the sequel to Dreaming Anastasia, can be a stand alone read that will have you turning pages fast! Anne and Ethan tried to return to a normal life after their first encounter with supernatural forces and magical mystery. Ethan, now mortal finds he cannot get Anne out of his thoughts. Anne, feeling stalked by a mythical creature, craves Ethan's presence to help her decipher her feelings of mayhem. When Ethan returns, Anne and those she loves are thrown back into a Romamov Family Reunion of sorts- one with Russian sea creatures, witches and spells. Will Anne be bound once again to the Baba Yaga or will she be able to escape the ghosts from the past that ties her to Anastasia?
Beauty, Power, Love and Loyalty brings this story to the never ending question: "What is it you truly desire?" 
View the book trailer, Haunted, Click here.
View the book trailer, Dreaming Anastasia, Click here.

April 2, 2011

Water Wars by: Cameron Stracher

 Restrictions on water, food, medication and joy- 
not a future I want to be a part of.
The Water Wars is a futuristic, thought provoking novel that makes one think about the importance of our natural resources.  "Vera and her brother, Will, live in the Republic of Illinowa -what is left of what was once the midwestern United States. 
(Personally, I love the word play combination of this region)
The country has been dissolved into six self governing republics with strict borders. Food is quasi-real, of questionable quality, and expensive, while money and employment are hard to come by. Water is carefully collected, strictly rationed and a resource worthy of  perpetrating criminal activity for, or even risking death.
 When siblings Vera and Will befriend Kai, a wealthy and enigmatic teenager with seemingly unlimited access to water, they relentlessly try to prise from him the secrets of his source, little realizing the danger about to descend upon them through their association with him."
The Water Wars reads like it could easily be a tv series, leaving you at each chapter wondering what will happen next.