April 2, 2011

Water Wars by: Cameron Stracher

 Restrictions on water, food, medication and joy- 
not a future I want to be a part of.
The Water Wars is a futuristic, thought provoking novel that makes one think about the importance of our natural resources.  "Vera and her brother, Will, live in the Republic of Illinowa -what is left of what was once the midwestern United States. 
(Personally, I love the word play combination of this region)
The country has been dissolved into six self governing republics with strict borders. Food is quasi-real, of questionable quality, and expensive, while money and employment are hard to come by. Water is carefully collected, strictly rationed and a resource worthy of  perpetrating criminal activity for, or even risking death.
 When siblings Vera and Will befriend Kai, a wealthy and enigmatic teenager with seemingly unlimited access to water, they relentlessly try to prise from him the secrets of his source, little realizing the danger about to descend upon them through their association with him."
The Water Wars reads like it could easily be a tv series, leaving you at each chapter wondering what will happen next.

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