March 27, 2011

Picture Book Potpourri

Beautiful Blue Eyes by Marianne Richmond is a warm smile in verse. Celebrating a child's uniqueness through the sense of sight brings many memorable moments come alive. The water color image create the perfect backdrop sharing the simple curiosities of childhood. One page shows a young child holding a spraying water hose-

"Your beautiful blue eyes tell of your silliness within, 
with their teasing twinkle and mischievous grin."

A read aloud book for any reading moment.

You Are a Gift To the World/The World Is a Gift to You by Laura Duska and illustrated by Dona Turner is a fun flip-sided book that shows just how one fits into this wide world. A perfect read aloud for Earth Day or any day that a little caring reminder is needed. 

"I remember when you asked, What's the best gift in the whole wide world?" 

An amazing starting sentence that allows dreaming and caring for all who hear it.

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