March 21, 2011

Monday Munchies!

Monday Munchies gave 6th graders the chance to experience the same fried worms that the teachers enjoyed during J&P Voelkel's author visit on 3/16/11.

Many students choose to try a little taste of the rainforest.
Thank you, Jon and Pamela for sharing extra tasty tidbits with us!
Some students asked, "Where can I get some more?"
(really, I can't make things like that up...) Try this site

I came across an article that gives you everything you need to know about mealworm dining-
"Mealworms are technically not worms at all, but the larval stage of the darkling beetle (tenebrio beetle). They are commonly sold as pet food and fishing bait, and not usually thought of as food for humans. However, mealworms and other insects have long been a staple food in Asian and other ethnic cuisines. Mealworms are cheap, low in fat, and high in protein and calcium, making them a healthy addition to common foods, such as this recipe for fried rice."

The worms....

the adventurous...

...the brave!


  1. omg, this page and these photos are awesome. And FYI, my kids go to a school called Oldfield Middle School,so we are also an OMS! :)

    xo Gae

  2. This is a student of mrs. Duff and if you do ever get to try these don't. BECAUSE I DID!!!!!!!!! FYI: they tasted gross.

  3. thank you for the warning. Chances are good I wasn't going to every try one of those (because they are WORMS you know?!?!) but just in case, I'm glad you warned me. :)

    (I think it is awesomesauce that you were brave enough to try, though!)