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March 10, 2011

Read Aloud Day 2011 Memories

World Read Aloud Day 2011 started with a 2 hour late start in Oelwein. Like the US Post Office, snow, ice and fog could not keep us away from our reading and sharing! We even had to put out a reading SOS when our scheduled time was empty
because of our changed schedule. We did miss sharing with Kate Messner and Van Meter students- we will just have to have another read aloud day to make this up! Our goal: read or listen to books all day in Mrs. Duff's room- MISSION COMPLETED!

Read Aloud Day was a
day of unexpected adventures and
stories from around the globe!
Tom, Origami Yoda creator, was our warm-up reader.
Darth Paper origami puppets were created
a few days earlier so we could Skype with a
favorite author on his time.

The Familiars authors Andrew & Adam were
fun and entertaining.

Riley Caney has shared so much w/ our class!
Thank you again and again!

8th Grade Zero author O. R-Perkovich
jumped in when we needed an author-THANKS!

Ellen Potter: Writing and Reading
ideas were shared while we listened
to her read.

Mrs. Miller's students take turns
sharing books with us.

Dee Garretson Shared WildFire Run and
animal side-note stories.

Reader's Theater w/ Mr. Hehr- Speech Coach
My Name is Not Alexander.

Book Commercials w/Mrs. Miller's Class
My Name is Not Isabella Reader's Theater
 was shared with Brook Forest students.

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