April 10, 2011

Haunted by Joy Preble

     Haunted , the sequel to Dreaming Anastasia, can be a stand alone read that will have you turning pages fast! Anne and Ethan tried to return to a normal life after their first encounter with supernatural forces and magical mystery. Ethan, now mortal finds he cannot get Anne out of his thoughts. Anne, feeling stalked by a mythical creature, craves Ethan's presence to help her decipher her feelings of mayhem. When Ethan returns, Anne and those she loves are thrown back into a Romamov Family Reunion of sorts- one with Russian sea creatures, witches and spells. Will Anne be bound once again to the Baba Yaga or will she be able to escape the ghosts from the past that ties her to Anastasia?
Beauty, Power, Love and Loyalty brings this story to the never ending question: "What is it you truly desire?" 
View the book trailer, Haunted, Click here.
View the book trailer, Dreaming Anastasia, Click here.

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