August 1, 2011

"The Ultimate" Book Review!

The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over the World
Story by Kenn Nesbit
Illustrations by Ethan Long
Sourcebooks Jaberwocky

It will be my goal to make this book the ultimate "Everyone Knows About This Book" by the end of our new school year. Kenn and Ethan have given us a book that will change what we learn -How to Rule the World or nouns and verbs, long division and the capitols of Asia? When students have the opportunity to RULE THE WORLD I think I know what they will choose!
So, get ready for a year you will always remember.
If you don't happen to be in our class, I'm really sorry!
You can always get your own copy of the book and try to keep up with us as we seek and conquer and laugh! "Mwwhaharaha"

Kenn says it best at the beginning of the book...
" the time you’re done reading, and rereading, and heck, let’s just say devouring this wonderfully clever book (and telling all your friends and buying lots of extra copies), you will have learned everything you need to know to have entire countries simultaneously groveling at your feet, chewing on their fingernails, and quaking in their baby booties. Seriously. You’re going to learn all sorts of important stuff, including how to:
- Become a genius overnight -
-Think up your new Mad Scientist name
- Equip your underground lair
- Build evil robots
- Stop time for fun and profit
- Dress for conquest
- Clone mutant monsters
- Recruit minions
- Construct doomsday devices
- Defeat secret agents
- Perfect your diabolical laugh
- Choose your Mad Scientist theme song
- Spend your first billion dollars
- Do some other junk
Doesn’t that sound insanely fantastic? Of course it does. That’s why I wrote this book."

 School starts soon and the world will be yours!
Makes you want to come to school early doesn't it?

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