December 31, 2011

Book Challenge 2011 List

2011 Book Challenge List: Books Read That I Remembered to Type... Some will Be lost Until I Read Them Again...

99. Heaven is for Real (audio)98. Birdland - T. Mack (audio)97. Inkblot96. First Garden- R. Gourley95. Lives of the Presidents- K. Krull and K, Hewitt94. Africans Thought of It- B. Opini and R. Lee93. Billions of Yeasrs of Amazing Changes- L. Pringle92. In Search of Sasquatch- KM Halls91. Pie S. Weeks90. THe 4th Stall #2 - C. Rylander89. The Death Cure- J. Dashner88. Peter Nimble J. Auxier87. The Right and the Real- J. Anthony86. Torn- M.P. Haddix85. Unwind- N. Shusterman84. The Magician's Elephant- K. DiCamillo83. True- K. Hannigan82. NOAHZARC- D. Robert Pease81. Junonia- K. Henkes80. Sidekicks- D. Santat79. Ivy + Bean Big Idea- A. Borrows / S. Blackall78. The Latte Rebellion- S. J. Stevenso 77. Sprinkles and Secrets- L. Schroeder76. Breadcrumbs- A. Ursa75. Restoring Harmony- J. Anthony74. Bigger Than a Breadbox- L. Snyder73. Guys Read- J. Scieszka72. Ashes- I. Bick71. Ashfall- M. Mullin70. War Games- A and C Couloumbis69. The Familiars #2- A and A Jacobson68. The Underwear Dare- Nardini Sisters67. The Pony Whisperer: Secret Pony Society- J. Rising66. Horrible Henry Rocks- F. Simmon65. Elliot and the Pixie Plot- J. Nielsen64. Elliot and the Goblin War- J. Nielsen63. Vordak the Incomprehensible #2- Vordak62. The Ultimate Top Secret Guide- K. Nesbitt61. Who Was King Tut?- R. Edwards60. Vordak the Incomprehensible #1- Vordak59. Go Baby Go! M. Janovitz58. Hailey Twitch:Campground Itch- L. Barnholdt57. The Warrior Sheep Go West- C Russell56. The Bully- P. Langan55. Freak the Mighty- R. Philbrick54. The Fourth Stall- C. Rylander53. The A.A. of Fan Boy and Goth Girl- B. Lyga (audio)52. Blink & Caution- T. Wynne-Jones (audio)51. Cloaked- A. Finn50. Fairest- G.C. Levine (audio)49. If I Stay - G. Forman (audio)48. The Lost Hero- R. Riorden47. Mister Monday- G. Nix (audio)46. The Necromancer- M. Scott (audio)45. Witch Child C. Rees (audio)44. The Accidental Adventure #2- C.A. London43.The Accidental Adventure #1- C.A. London42. How to Get a Job-S.LJones S. Heap41. Stupid Fast- G. Herbach40. Who What Wear- O. Bennett39. The Undertakers- T. Drago38. LionBoy- Zizou Corder37. May-Bird 2: Amoung the Stars- J. Anderson36. Shadow- J. Moss35. Rocket Town- B. Logan34. The World is a Gift For You- L. Duksta33. Beautilful Blue Eyes- M. Richmond32. Dream Big Little Pig- K. Yamaguchi31. My Name is Not Alexander- J. Foseberry30. The Water Wars- C. Stracher29. The Clockwork Three- M. Kirby28. Beastly- A. Flinn27. The Healing Spell- K. G. Little26. Haunted- J. Preble25. Instructions For A Broken Heart:- K. Culbertson24. 15 Minutes Outside- R. Cohen23. Radiance- A. Noel (audio)22.The Soreceres- M. Scott21. A Step From Heaven- A. Na20. Stork- W. Deisol 19. You- C. Benolt18. Witch- N. Holder17. The Red Pyramid- R. Riordan (audio)16. Reckless-C. Funke (audio)15. Pretty Little Liars- S. Shepard (audio)14. A Tale of Dark & Grimm- A. Gidwitz13. The Water Wars- C. Stracher12. The Mysterious Benedict Society- T. Stewart11. The Quest of the Warrior Sheep- C. Russell10. Wicked- N. Holder (audio)9. Sapphique- C. Fisher (audio)8. Jane and the Raven King- S. Chambers7. The Fairview Felines- M Corriel6. Maybird- J Anderson5. The Rendering- J. Naftali 4. The Merrybegot- J. Hearn (audio) 3. Matilda Bone- K. Cushman (audio) 2. Scorch Trials: J. Dashner1. Incarceron- C. Fisher

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