June 12, 2011

How to Get a Job by ME The Boss

How To Get a Job by Me the Boss and Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap
Schwartz & Wade Books/ Random House

No matter your age or choice of occupations, getting a job can be tricky. How To get a Job by Me The Boss, shares the ins and outs of securing your first job- even if you are still in elementary school. This matter of fact narrator shares all there is to know and more on landing your perfect job. There is a list of terrific sounding  jobs: magician, doctor, teacher, mommy &/or a daddy, and even a spy. you are reminded what you should (reseme) and shouldn't (your gerbil) take to a job interview. Being on your best behavior is a must at the interview (no biting or sleeping). After getting the job, it is just a small step to becoming your own boss.

This is another great fun to read and see book in the authors' series of "How To" guides. A must for any want-a-be boss or lemonade stand owner. The pictures are bright and detailed and it is full of silliness making this book stand out as a favorite!

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