June 18, 2011

Stupid Fast is a Smart Read

                                       Stupid Fast
                                                           by Geoff Herbach
Sourcebooks Fire Publishing

The Summer I Went From a Joke to a Jock
Getting to know Felton Reinstein is easy. He is like most teen boys- easily embarrassed, often confused and curious about almost everything- especially girls. Felton's life is changing fast at the same time that he is stuck in a time warp of disturbing memories.

The chapter titles tell the story better than I can:
 2- My Body Grew Hair.
9- Things Began To Change Suddenly At The Pool
13- It Is 2:35 A. M.
20- I Really Didn't Know What To Do
25: What Seems To Be The Problem, Officer?
34- I Had To Be A Barbarian
39: Tired Barbarian
52: I Can Juggle Clean Sock Balls
62: Sweetness
Football, Friends, Family -- a fantastic book for teens moving fast or slow!

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