June 11, 2011

I Couldn't Review This Book...

The Rendering by Joel Naftali 

"One mad scientists+ One evil mercenary vs. Two kids+ Three skunks= Nonstop Adventure"
Joel Naftali used technology and suspense to create a book that I couldn't review. 
So, why couldn't I review this book you ask?
--It wasn't because of the plot: 
It is easy to follow the suspenseful blog entries that share the past, present and future of an attempt for complete world domination
--It wasn't because of the characters:
Doug is a regular video playing teenager who finds himself with a $1000,000 reward on his head and featured on America's Most Dangerous
Jamie is the smart, rich girl that lives next door to Doug, her best friend
Scientists: good & evil combat each other and Doug and Jamie to dominate or save Earth as we know it
Three skunks that are enhanced in every way possible (picture Teenage Mutant Turtles w/ a wicked spray)
--It wasn't the setting:
A top secret "medical research" center and then "on the run" hideouts
--It wasn't the conflict:
Mad scientists using technology to have total control of everything and everyone on this planet and a team of teenagers/mammals doing everything they can to stop the take-over
It was the fact that as soon as I received this book, my students begged to read it/ they pleaded/ they whined/ they tried to bribe (chocolate) so I loaned it out before I had a chance to read it myself...
It passed from reader to reader and before I new it, I was almost the only one left that hadn't read it.
Summer vacation leaves me with less reading competition and my own stash of chocolate-time to read!
**Note to self: open book packages away from student eyes when ever possible-unless in need of chocolate

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  1. jeez, mrs. duff you are so right about the having to wait, the moaning, and the wineing but bribary? I KNOW we didnt do that. plus whats with the chocolate? -your always reading student, AB