June 8, 2011

Dads, Kids and Rockets Make Great Picture Books to Share!

Father's Day is June 19th and two books that I recently shared spell
READ: Really Exciting Adventures w/Dad

Rocket Town by Bob Logan is a brilliant board book that gets you flying through the pages to see what adventures are available in Rocket Town. The boy and his dog are seen on every page in their yellow pick-up truck. Trips to the moon, rocket parks and rocket highways take them to a special place-a rocket dealership. What rocket will they choose to fly to the moon?

Rocket Town is a fun read with a lot of fun details to share and talk about.

Growing up in a family with a Superhero Dad would be very interesting. But sadly, this little boy's dad isn't a superhero. He can't fly, he doesn't have super strength and he doesn't have a force field. But... the things that Dad can do are amazing. he spends a lot of time with his son- something that every dad can do-even without a cape! Ethan Long sums it up when he wrote: " My dad is NOT a superhero...but he is SUPER GOOD at being a dad."

Here is to a Happy Father's Day to all of our Super Dads!

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