September 10, 2011

The Underwear Dare

The Underwear Dare: 5th Grade Couldn't get any Worse!
Sorelle Publishing Inc.

Imagine starting school and finding that you will be in the same class as the bully that has tormented you all through elementary school. Think life couldn't get worse? Think again...your dad has decided to marry his mom, making you roommates both in and out of school!
Eddie and Josh must find a way to survive during this unpleasant turn of events. Creating a series of dares that only boys could come up, the  reader is entertained with a series of embarrassing and gross events.

The Nardini Sisiters have shared a book that is so realistic, you can well, smell the tension. As problems are encountered resolutions are found leaving the reader with a realistic and fun to read story about life's adventures in today's pre-teen world.
Guest review by Mrs. Simpson-
This is a book that you should read! It is about normal kids finding themselves in not the best situations. It is interesting to see how they get themselves into and out of the mishaps. This book exceeds the gross factor scale of all books read!
The back cover has a warning label:
"Read only if you can handle being grossed-out by
popping vomit, silent but deadly farts, vibrating burps
and other dares not for the faint of heart!"


  1. Love the back cover warning. Too cute!

  2. I think I might have to read this sometime! It sounds like a funny book. I love books that make me laugh! I will get grossed-out by popping vomit, silent but deadly farts, and vibrating burps, but I can live with it. As soon as I get back from Christmas break, this will be the first book I will look for.