September 18, 2011

The Familiars: Three Are Choosen

The Familiars by: Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson

Secrets of the Crown is book 2 in The Familiars series by Epstein and Jacobson. This amazing fantasy/adventure book continues the quest for three very unlikely heroes to follow as the travel far and beyond to save their world and all those who live in it- animal and human.

Book 2
Book 1
Familiars, animals with special powers, have been partners and companions with their human friends for countless years. Our three prophesied heroes- a telekinetic cat, a spell binding bluejay and a water viewing tree frog have to leave their loyal humans behind while they search for the Crown of the Snow Leopard. Securing the Crown is their only hope in stopping Paksahara, an evil familiar, from destroying all that is dear to them.

Secrets of the Crown takes the reader to new, exciting and dangerous lands, introduces creatures never spoke of before and binds loyalty, friendship and family into an unstoppable force. Readers, be ready for a journey that leaves you with so many unfamiliar tales you can't stop turning pages.

Books one and two have set the stage for an epic clash of two very determined and opposing forces! Book three is sure to provide familiars and human companions a quest to end all evil encounters... or will it be just the beginning of yet another unforgettable adventure?

***Book three is in my Anticipated Book Box where I will wait impatiently for it to materialize.

-Note to readers: The Familiars is going to become an animated film- read it BEFORE you see it!

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