October 20, 2011

Get Ready to be Blown Away!

Windblowne Review
By Emily D.--- 7th Grade

            Windblowne, an amazing story by Stephen Messer is an exciting, fast paced book about a boy named Oliver who just can’t seem to get a kite to do what he wants. It all takes place in just three or four days in (sort-of) a town named Windblowne and the surrounding areas. It all starts when Oliver’s dad mentions that Oliver’s mom has a crazy expert kite maker for a great-uncle just one day before the annual kite flying contest that Oliver has always hopelessly dreamed about winning. So, Oliver seeks out his great-uncle, only to lose him the same day. Oliver is pulled into an adventure involving alternate worlds and evil twins. Will he be able to survive it all? Read Windblowne, by Stephen Messer to find out.

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