May 5, 2010

Spilling Ink Contest Winners

Who can resist a chance to win a gift certificate to a book store, a book, and a guest author blog post by a published author? Oelwein 6th graders jumped at this chance. Clara Gillow Clark, author Hill Hawk Hattie and other childrens historical fiction sponsored this unique contest to celebrate the release of Spilling Ink. Written by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer, Spilling Ink is an amazing "how to" book for all young writers. This is a must have for all middle school students and teachers. Spilling Ink is full of writing prompts, ideas, and help.

The contest was posted on-line and OMS sixth graders wrote with power! Marissa S. was awarded with first place and Sam M. received third place. You can see their stories and author guest blogs at

Thank you to all the authors and students involved in this writing opportunity.


  1. Thrilled to be tagged on your blog page, Mrs. Duff. I loved hearing from your students. Again, a big "Congratulations" to Marissa and Sam. Write on!

  2. Clara,
    What a pleasure to share the joy of writing with you! Thank you for you wonderful ways with students and words.