May 10, 2010

Magickeepers: The Pyramid of Souls

I can't think of a cooler way to learn history then gazing in a crystal ball and seeing it first hand. Erica Kirov, author of the Magickeepers series has you believing in magic from page one! Imagine finding out you not only could see the past, present, and future, but you held the key to every magic trick imaginable...what would you do?
After the Pyramid of Souls is stolen, Nick needs all of these powers and more to set things right.
With the help of his new found family and many great figures from the past, Nick sets out to protect the world from evil.
This is a great sequel to the amazing Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass -I wish I could see into the future and read the next Magickeepers adventure! Where did I leave my crystal ball...

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