May 19, 2010

Speak Like Yoda Day

"have fun in reading, want to...hmmmm?"
"believe we can do this, I can't...yes"
"easier then it looks, it is"

Thanks to our new read aloud, Speak like Yoda Day at OMS was officially launched. After a quick music video featuring Weird Al and "YODA" students were writing and talking like Yoda. It was hard to believe that the very day we started "The Strange Case of Origami Yoda' by Tom Angleberger,
it was Speak like Yoda Day across the nation. The force was with us!

Tom sent us a signed origami Yoda hand puppet, and we are looking forward to making our own origami Yoda finger puppets as soon as we finish the book.

For a fun laugh out loud read, we highly recommend this book to anyone that has lived through 6th grade or hope to in the future.

"not to speak like Yoda, we dare you"

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