May 1, 2010

April...What happened?

It was just April Fool's Day and then I realized the joke is on me-May is here and I hadn't blogged all month!
Why???? What kept me from my spot to blog for so many days? Let me see...
  1. Iowa Tests of Basic Skills- Students were amazing and the hard work everyone showed made our results shine! Oelwein Students can do it whenever they set a goal!
  2. Spring Break- a much needed rest for all of us. I spent most of my time reading and relaxing.
  3. DARE instruction- Sgt. Reagan from the OPD does an awesome job teaching us real-life scenarios to help us make the right choices. The student essays proved how much they learned.
  4. Earth Day- Going paperless sounded easy...even with computers available all day, it was hard not to reach for our pencils and paper!
  5. Turkey Vulture visit-yes, you read that right! OMS adopted the turkey vulture from Fontana Park. Not cute and cuddly but very informative and fun to see up close.
  6. Writing contest winners announced almost weekly! I'll post winners soon. I knew this year we had amazing writers. I am so proud of all the 6th graders that entered and placed in these state and national contests!
So why didn't I blog in April? I guess I was just having such a great time in the classroom I forgot my on-line audience...I'll try to share the fun in May with you all. So, to keep the vultures from circling, let the blogging marathon begin!

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