August 14, 2009

Where is your spot at OMS?

I have been in our classroom this week sorting, cleaning, and planning this year's adventure. Although this is a new school building for all 6th graders, this has been my "spot" for the last 16 years. I have moved rooms, met new friends, said goodbye to old friends, and found that this building has become a special spot to me!

You will be starting the 2009-10 school year finding your spot. Your locker, your classrooms, your seat at lunch, your favorite shelf in the library, will all become part of your "spot" at Oelwein Middle School.

Spots can move, change, and surprise us. Spots can become a place where we laugh, learn, and grow. This year's adventure is about to begin- have fun discovering spots to call your own!

My official "spot" this year is room 12.
See you there :D


  1. Mrs. Duff and 6th graders:

    My space at OMS is the library. I am excited to have you come to my spot so we can talk about all of the good books we have read over the summer.

    We just received some new books so we have lots to check out this fall.

    Mrs. Sperfslage

  2. I'm retired so my spot is irregular. Once in a while I substitute teach. Once in a while I come and help students. And once in a while I come to the Middle School to visit with friends. I LOVE this blog and I have linked it to my own blog so I can easily follow what you are doing. I'm thinking that just for the fun of it, I'll read all the books on your Shelfair. They look very interesting. I'll be watching this spot!
    Mrs. Stocker