August 6, 2009

Book Orders

School book orders always give me a smile. Today, I opened up the September Scholastic Book Club forms and immediately started a must have-must read list. I love the fact that new releases and old time favorites show up just waiting to join my books in the classroom and at home. The fact that the books are usually less expensive than in book stores is a big plus!

This year, Scholastic is making it easier on students and parents, giving them the ability to buy on-line with our classroom code. You can even see the book list in full detail.
No more, "I lost my order form."
No more, " I forgot to bring my form to school."

I love seeing the box in the school office and passing out books to students! The new releases are the first ones I read. Some will become old time favorites in no time.

So, start making your list of must haves- it might be available from a book club! I always take suggestions when I put in my order -you might even get to read it before I do if my desk is surrounded with must reads.

Scholastic Book Club Order information:


Class/username = Duffclass

Password= spottoread

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