August 28, 2009

"Bran Hambric" Hysterics @OMS

A project that I have been developing is now "out of the bag" and in my classroom!
Kaleb Nation, a new young author, will be releasing his 1st published book 9-9-09. Our English Enrichment class has been chosen to read, review, and respond to Bran Hambric The Farfiield Curse.

Sourcebooks Publishing supplied a hardcover copy at a pre-release date so we could get started. Thanks Sourcebooks!

After a quick introduction to Kaleb and his video blogs, we decided to create a video of this event.
Watching this video, you will witness our unscripted, unplanned unveiling of Bran Hambrick The Farfield Curse!

(Video can be seen here and at @ Kaleb Nation & Bran Hambric Facebook pages)

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