July 23, 2013

Blast From the Past- Where Are They Now?

Being a middle school teacher, I often wonder where my students of the past are and what they are doing. Their hopes and dreams often change from 6th grade and I have often been pleasantly surprised how some choose to use their talents. 
Facebook and other social media has allowed more and more of my students to get back in touch with me and share their amazing stories. I even have the pleasure of teaching with a former student this year! Welcome to OMS, Mr. Morgan.

Mrs. P is sharing Blasts from the Past on her blog. Her interviews share just how much writing can impact students even in the early years. I loved reading these posts. It is easy to see how reading and writing works it's magic through a contest like many OMS students have entered.

Click on the following links to read for yourself:
...more to come...

Please share this contest with as many elementary teachers that you can so they can teach the next Blast from the Past! 

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