January 2, 2012

The 4th Stall Part II

The Fourth Stall Part II  by: Chris Rylander
Waldon Pond Press

Mac and Vince's business is overflowing!
(Which could be messy in a boys bathroom)
All the normal problems of surviving school and starting 6th grade are being handled by Mac and his guys. They even have a new teacher/baseball coach that likes the Cubs as much as they do.
Then things start going wrong: school lunches that would add calories and fat that even our fast-food restaurants couldn't serve, gym class easy enough for newborns, animal droppings showing up in lockers, and a strange new 8th grade girl, Trixie, that puts everyone in a tizzy. 
Can't get worse? Wrong!
Dr. George is brought in to FIX the problems and to administer the state standardized test that could close down the school not to mention Max's business. 
Can Max figure out how to save the school? 
Will he and Vince make the baseball team? 
Are girls really more dangerous than shotguns? 
Can anyone pass the SMART test?
Read The Forth Stall Part II and enjoy the middle school mystery!

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  1. I ended up with two copies of the first book, and they are never on the shelf. I can't wait to have this second one available to students.