February 5, 2011

Jane and the Raven King Review

Strange things are happening around Jane's neighborhood. Between seeing a squirrel packing a suitcase in a hurry, her parents acting like they are in a technology zombie-state, and an unusual present given to her from her grandmother, Jane finds it hard to know what is reality and what is seemly  impossible to believe in this new underground world..
A blind stranger drives her to a the center of the world where she meets a dragon. With their help and advise, Jane embarks on a journey to save the world and her family. Secret powers and new friends give Jane the determination to fight the evil Raven King in this magical world.
Jane and the Raven King by Stephen Chambers is a book you will want to read cover to cover- perfect for the snow days we have been having!
**Note: Stephen has been writing and selling books since high school. His 1st novel Hope's End and sequel Hope's War is now on my to-be-read list.

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