February 5, 2011

Fairview Felines Review

Fairview Felines "A Newspaper Mystery" by Michele Corriel is a great middle school mystery! Thomas has news reporting in his blood. His mom owns and runs the local newspaper and he grew up smelling the freshly printed newsprint.
Everything he see turns into a headline in his mind. Maybe that is why he is always behind in his schoolwork. When he decided to start a school newspaper, he had to prove he could complete his school work and write a news story of a lifetime- easier said then done. When cats started disappearing around town (including his own pet), he knew there was a  tale (tail?) to be told. Too bad he was grounded from the newspaper until his grades improved...
Thomas has his work cut out for him: improve his grades, solve the missing cat mystery, and write a winning news story.
M. Corriel keeps the reading intrigued as headlines capture the moment throughout the story. A MUST READ could be a headline in this review.

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