December 29, 2010

Out With A Bang (and a book)

A quick post between reading breaks to share some of the titles I have read over break. I accepted a challenge to read a book a day while away from the classroom. Of course, I accepted! This reading challenge is taking place on Twitter #bookaday if you would like to see great titles and dedicated readers. I, in-turn, challenged by students to set a reading goal and report back after break. The second challenge I shared with my students was the "Out with A Bang Read A Thon". Starting today, reading as many books as possible before the end of the year will keep me smiling, doing one of my favorite activities-READING!

Wow! This was fun!
  1.  The Scorch Trials, J. Dashner
  2. Ruined, P. Morris
  3. Cleopatra Rules!, V.A. Shecter
  4. Adventure Beneath the Sea, K. Mallory
  5. Fairview Felines A Newspaper Mystery, M. Corriel
  6. Incarceron, C. Fisher
  7. Wicked, N. Holder
  8. An Egret's Day, J. Yolen
  9. Saving the Baghdad Zoo, K Milner Halls
  10. Birmingham Sunday, L. Brimner
  11. Notes From the Dog, G. Paulsen
  12. Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon, M. Crump
  13. Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones, D. Harrison
  14. Planet Hunter, V. Wittenstein
  15. My Rotten Life, D. Lubar
  16. Stone Child, D. Poblocki

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