December 31, 2010

Book Title Challenge

December 31st  Out With A Bang Readathon brought a fun challenge from Reading Teen that I will pass on to our class.
Our mini-challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find 3 or more books that you have laying around, and use them to make a sentence. Post your sentences in the comment area.
 For example:
1.Strangely Enough Bran Hambric Sabotaged The Unfinished Angel
2. What If The Mysterious Benedict Society Found The Shadow of Thieves Beyond The Valley of Thorns
3. Spilling Ink Ruined The Jaguar Stones MiddleWorld


  1. I accept your challenge! The Dragons of Pern flew to Wuthering Heights to eat Leaves of Grass for lunch.

    Mrs. Stocker

  2. Great titles- now we have to check them out in the library- thanks!