September 14, 2010

Mrs. P's Magic Library travels to OMS

Mrs. P used a bit of her magic and landed in our classroom to share secrets about her magic library and her love of stories. Students asked questions and received answers that surprised, enlightened, and even made many laugh.
"What is your favorite color?"
"Hot pink with a black head band, red, purple, and well, every color in the rainbow plus black and white."
"What is your favorite book?"
"Right now, Jack & the Beanstalk" then the list continued to change from fantasy to poetry to To Kill a Mockingbird in a blink of an eye. Magic and reading are amazing things indeed!
"What do you think makes a good story?"
"A great story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It has adventure and suspense."
Mrs. P shared how important reading and writing are to her and how her magic library helps her share this with children and adults 24/7.
We learned about Mrs. P's library and how it has a "katrillion" rooms and that the leaves on the trees change colors about every two minutes. She even has elves, knows someone related to the Tooth Fairy and has given a dog to Santa Clause. This is a library I will have to visit during my next vacation!

Students are writing stories that they can enter in Mrs. P's 2nd annual writing contest.
For more information go to and experience the magic library for yourself!
A big thank you to Mrs. P and her elves-the visit was magical!

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