September 19, 2010

"The Aristobrats" OMGasp!

Lylas (Love ya like a sister) are four 8th grade girls on the top of the populadder! Being the most popular in the 8th grade class at Wallingford Academy is all the Lalas had worked for in the last few years. They were there- their Facebook pages full of friend requests, their hair do and fashions soon to be copied by all- they had made it to the top!
But what goes up, must come down! After being assigned to the school web cast production, even a hairy nipfit can't save their populartunity. (glad there are definitions in the back of the book )

The Aristobrats, by Jennifer Solow, is a fun read that goes deeper than designer clothes and made-up words. Parts made me LOL and experience life as a teenager in today's techo world. We are reminded that situations in school and at home aren't always solved by shopping and getting a makeover-sometimes friends need to see what really matters and go where their heart takes them.
You will find yourself cheering for the Lylas and see that it really is all about the attitude!

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