August 28, 2010

Songs For A Teenage Nomad Review

Chapter 2: SMALL TOWN My new school smells like pickles, salty, clogged with a sea of faces that all look the same. The campus stands on a low hill facing the ocean. Across the road from the main office where I babbled to Mickey Mouse Tie, there’s a small strip of buildings: a cafĂ©, a hair salon, a movie rental place, and a doctor’s office whose large brick walls keep the students away from the coast.

Kim Culbertson's book Songs For a Teenage Nomad shares real life problems that face many teenagers today. Calle, a new 9th grade student at a California town high school, does her best to find her place in the unfamiliar halls. Use to hiding behind her song journal, she is pulled into friendships and possibly love by believable student characters. Facing pressures from peers, family, and the unknown, Calle
records, remembers, and lives daily moments in her journal. The use of songs and lyrics to guide the story creates a new rhythm in each chapter.
Available September 2010: Sourcebooks

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