November 1, 2009

Letters from the Principal (Student Style)

Reading The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z has given students a chance to walk in the principal's shoes. Gianna had a close encounter with her middle school principal, Mr. Randolph, while collecting leaves for a science project.
OMS 6th graders were asked to pretend they were Principal Randolph and write a letter to Gianna's parents commenting on her lack of respect during a Saturday morning outing. Below are portions from a few student letters that has the "principal voice" speaking right at you.

Dear Parents
of Gianna Zales,
Last Saturday morning, I heard a loud noise. It sounded like it came from my back yard. I went outside to look. I saw Gianna with a big branch from my tree on her lap. She sneaked into my backyard, ove
r my picket fence, to get leaves for her science project. I asked her if she had seen the fence, she said she had...I was very disappointed that she would do something like this! She broke the branch off my tree and then took the leaves with her! I hope you have consequences for her actions!
incerely, Principal Randolph

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zales,
I am not pleased to inform you that your daughter, Gianna, jumped my fenced in backyard...I walked out my back door to find her on the ground with a big branch that she had torn off my very lovely Black Walnut tree. Now, Gianna claims she just wanted to get a leaf for her science project, but I think she was trying to vandalize my lawn!...I strongly suggest that you handle a punishment fitting to the crime, perhaps six months of community service. I do hope AND expect
that this will not happen again!
Principal Mr. Randolph

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Zales,
Your daughter sneaked into my backyard by climbing over my fence! Clearly she could see the fence was to keep people OUT! She climbed up my Black Walnut tree to get leaves and snapped a branch completely off. I suggest you punish her...don't let her go outside without supervision.
Sincerely, Mr. Randolf

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zales,
Today, your daughter invaded my property! She stole from my two trees that I really adore. The Ginkgo leaf wasn't such a big deal, but she broke a limb off my Black Walnut tree. You need to talk with her to make sure she doesn't invade my property again!
Mr. Randolf

We wondered how our principal would react to Gianna's adventure. He does have nice trees in his yard!

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