October 12, 2009

Outdoor Day

Outdoor Day @OMS brought together fun, friends, and some new favorite activities.
Special Thanks goes out to our UIU student volunteers, Oelwein Police Department, and our local archers.

Student Haiku Memories:

Prairie Flowers
Beautiful flowers
Lying in the prairie now
Blowing in the wind

Morning of the Monarch
Orange, black, colorful
Dew still on my wings-can't fly
Can't wait to be free! R.B.

Butterfly Milkweed Plant
Silky parachute
Nice, peaceful, soft, seed that falls.
White, with brown seed.

NO, NO! Oh, please...
Never pick it up like that
It won't fly again. H.V.

Ox Eye Sunflower
A dark black center
A group of golden petals
An uneven shape


  1. Love the Haikus for your Outdoor Day! Thanks for sharing:)

    Mrs. D

  2. this looks like it was fun i wish we would do something like this lol

  3. Those are good Haikus. :)
    i love the one called butterflies.
    morning of monarch was pretty great too.
    thanks for sharing them. :)

    <3 Brittni

  4. I think it looks good and beautiful-cool, like outdoor games.
    What are they doing when the picture was taken?

  5. Mrs. D.- Thanks for sharing your class time and your thoughts with us! Stop back anytime!

    Lance, Brittni, Bobby-
    Outdoor day was FUN! We had four activities:
    1. Gun Safety was taught by the local police department and we used BB guns.
    2. Prairie plant identification and poetry.
    3. "Oh, Deer" an environmental resource role-playing game.
    4. Archery introduction was taught by area archery experts.

    Glad you enjoyed the photos and poetry.