February 10, 2013

Why is Reading Aloud Special?

Spot to Read is happy to announce that the Oelwein Girls LitClub accepted the 2013 WRAD Blog Challenge and will be answering the questions on this site.

WRAD Blog Challenge Week 1: February 10 – February 16
What do you think is special about reading aloud?

Mrs. Leo reading aloud
It's Raining Cupcakes
  • Reading aloud helps me understand better. Hearing the words helps me know the words.
  • I love to read, but it is nice once in a while for someone else read and hear new words.
  • Reading aloud gives you a chance to discuss the story and learn with others.
  • I think read aloud is important because it helps my imagination. I also like it at bedtime, I can fall asleep faster if someone reads to me.
  • I like reading to someone younger then me.
  • Hearing a story makes me want to read the book again- especially if it was interesting and funny.
  • Reading aloud allows me to picture the characters and setting better.
  • It is easier to listen to a read aloud then to read a story and then I can understand the story better.

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