May 31, 2011

An Accidental Adventure

 Philomel Books:  
We Are Not Eaten by Yaks: An Accidental Adventure  
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The Navel twins: Oliver and Celia DON'T like adventures! Not surprising since their parents have taken them around the world on one adventure after another. They all live on the 4 1/2 floor of the Explorers Club.  For the last few years, their mother, Dr. Navel, has been missing. Having a parent disappear on an adventure is yet another reason to stay in their living room and watch TV. Going on an adventure is the LAST thing they want to do. Tibet becons the Navels when clues surface about their mother. So, for twins that Do Not Like Adventures, falling out of airplanes, being chased by Yetis, and escaping from the Poison Witches isn't what they signed up for..
Will they find their mother? Will they be able to wake up their dad from a poison? Will they ever get cable TV?
This is a must read because book two is coming in November and trust me, 
you will want to be ready for We Dine With Cannibals!

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