July 30, 2010

The Death (and Further Adventures) of Silas Winterbottom: The Body Thief

The Death (and Further Adventures) of Silas Winterbottom: The Body Thief

By: Stephen M Giles

And you thought your family was strange.

If you enjoyed reading The Series of Unfortunate Events and the 39 Clues series, this is the book that will take you one step further into just how mixed up and crazed families can be.

Three cousins with completely unique and different backgrounds are sent an invitation including $10,000 from their wealthy uncle to spend time with him on his secluded island estate. A dream vacation... until you throw in crocodiles, mysterious tunnels, kidnapping, and a mad scientist. Then you have a real adventure!
Oh, lets not forget to add that the uncle is dying and he will choose one of the three cousins to inherit everything...a bit of competition is added.

This book was a fun roller-coaster read! Each chapter took me in a different direction and even a few loops turning the plot upside down and twisted at the end. I fully enjoyed watching the characters evolve while their uncle plotted against them right up to the very end of the book.
I'll put this on my must read book list in the classroom.

July 23, 2010

Have you found any good books this summer?

I've spent all summer on the lookout for good/great books. I'll post my reading list soon, but wanted to give you a chance to share books that you feel are worth searching for!

Linger is the sequel to Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater released 7/13/10

July 16, 2010

Hambric, hammock...HAPPINESS!

If asked how I spent my summer, I will have many adventures to share. If asked about one of my favorite days, I'll let this photo speak for me...

An ARC (advanced reader's copy) of Bran Hambric the Specter Key, by Kaleb Nation, arrived this afternoon! It took me no time to grab a glass of ice water and head for the hammock. I'll save my review for a later date, not wanting to give away any spoilers, but I had to share how easily I was lost in the land of Dunce and magic.
I was happy but also scared, stressed, relieved, sad, surprised, shocked, and nervous while reading the adventures that Bran was on. I didn't have time to catch my breath from the beginning celebration to the missing bit of magic on the last page.
I did stop once to tweet Kaleb and say, "NOOOOOO!" after reading page #139.
Well done Kaleb! I think I'll start over tomorrow- the hammock calls for more Hambric.

July 6, 2010

teacher6th avatars

Avatars are a great way to share yourself on-line without giving out too much personal information (like your photograph). Sue Waters, from the edu blogger, shared some great sites to help create your own avatar.

I had fun creating the different avatars trying to stay true to my photograph...not easy!