January 28, 2010

Snow, Schedules, Students and Skype

The days have gone by so fast with the snow days, changes of schedules and students doing their best to learn! We have decided the "normal" is not knowing for sure the next day's plan. Where did the first semester go?
After changes in our date to Skype with author, Kate Messner, we were finally able to meet and greet her during 8th hour during a late start day. Seeing and talking to Kate on the East coast while we sat in our Oelwein classroom was the next best thing to being there.
Was it worth it????

The students and I were all bubbly when I pushed the call button and Kate answered with a cheerful "HI, Guys!" The next 20 minutes were filled with questions and answers from both sides of the camera. We discussed her book, The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z, snow, writing, dreams, leaves and of course reading.

This was our 1st Skype experience and I know we will do it again! Having access to authors right in our classroom brings our reading experience to a new level. We are already wondering who will be next..

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